This letter appeared in the print edition of 9 June:

I can only assume David Pope (Times2, June 5, p1) and Jennie Goldie (Letters, June 5) have not caught up with the latest on climate change. The Geological Society of Australia, representing more than 2000 earth scientists, has decided not to proceed with a statement on climate change as there was no settled position.
Oh, and don’t believe the myth that 97 per cent of world scientists believe the world is warming dangerously. The most basic research reveals this figure is based on sloppy survey work at best and deliberate misinformation more generally. None of this proves anything, of course, but you would think people would at least pause and wonder why.

H. Ronald, Jerrabomberra, NSW

I responded with this:

H.Ronald (Letters, 9 June) claims that it’s a myth that 97% of climate scientists support the conclusion that global warming is real and serious, but does not cite any sources. This seems to be a reference to a recent piece by Richard Tol, widely circulated in the climate denial echo chamber, criticising the original 97% study. In a strange mixture of irony and predictability, Tol’s paper itself has been found to be deeply flawed; after further analysis of his claims it is clear that the 97% consensus is confirmed and perhaps even strengthened. See for a full dissection of all this.